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The way to ensure the effect of filter core cleaning filter element

May 11, 2018

For the filter type filter, its filtration effect is mainly determined by the state of the filter element. Therefore, regular cleaning is required during normal use. But there are many factors that will affect the cleaning effect of filter core in filter core filter, such as air pressure, gas cleanliness, filter core material, filter core structure and so on.


In order to make the filter core filter to achieve the best effect, the air pressure can not be too small, too small is the absolute shock on the surface of the filter core surface of the powder, so when the strength of the filter core is allowed, the greater the pressure the better. Taking into account the capacity of conventional filters in the market, air pressure is usually set at about 5kg.


Secondly, the gas that enters the solenoid valve through compressed air will also affect the effect of the back blowing, especially when the gas contains water oil, and the oil will penetrate into the interior of the filter and bond with the plastic powder, and then the pressure can not make the powder on the surface of the filter. Therefore, the corresponding filter can be configured for air compressor to separate oil and water.


In addition, the quality of the filter material of the filter cartridge itself will also affect the fining effect. Compared with the domestic filter material, the imported high quality filter material is easier to remove. Compared with the traditional polyester fiber filter cloth, the effect of cleaning powder after surface treatment is more obvious. If the surface of the base cloth is treated with fluorine resin, the filter core has the function of anti oil, waterproof and antifouling.


In addition to this, the appearance of the filter element in the filter core can also directly affect the powder cleaning effect. Compared with the traditional cylindrical filter element, the shape of the conical filter core is larger and smaller, and the plastic powder is easier to fall off when the pulse is struck. In comparison, the bottom leaking filter core makes the powder hit down directly to the bottom of the powder room, and the small diameter and shallow break filter will expand the filter cloth outward when the pulse is hit, and shake the plastic powder on the surface of the filter.


Therefore, the filter core in the filter is to keep good effect, not only to control the air pressure and the cleanliness of the gas reasonably, but also to select the high quality filter material and structure, in order to have better filtering effect.http://www.inocofiltration.com/