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The wide use and use technique of single bag filter

May 07, 2018

Bag filter is a very common filtration equipment. According to the number of filter bags it is equipped with, it can be divided into two categories: multi bag type and single bag type. The key point is to introduce a single bag filter. Its interior is supported by a metal mesh basket. The liquid is flowing through the entrance, the filter is filtered out from the outlet, and the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. After the filter bag is replaced, the filter bag can continue to be used.


Single bag filter can be divided into side entry bag filter, top type bag filter, stainless steel bag filter, plastic filter / sandwich insulation filter, fluorine anticorrosion filter and so on. Although their structural forms may be different, they all have many advantages, such as good sealing ability, strong circulation ability and easy operation. In particular, the side leakage probability of the filter bag is small, which can accurately guarantee the filtration accuracy and quickly replace the filter bag.


The inner and outer surface of the single bag filter is treated with mechanical sand blasting, and it is uniform and easy to clean. According to the customer's request, it can provide the filter with the form of heating sleeve, the adjustable support foot or hook to meet the requirements of different customers.


With the advantages mentioned above, single bag filter has been widely used in various fields, including weak corrosive materials in chemical and petroleum production, corrosive materials, low temperature materials in refrigeration, filtration of sanitary materials in light industrial food and pharmaceutical production.


In order to prolong the service life of a single bag filter, it is necessary to check whether the connecting pipe road is firm, leakage and damage when using the filter. At the same time, do not forget to check the close close of the inlet and outlet valve of the filter; check the pressure gauge to determine the internal pressure of 0.


It is important to note that the lid should not be covered under the pressure of the bag filter, but when the remaining liquid in the bag filter is drained through the emptying valve, and then the cover is done. Properly open the top cover of the filter for the filter, unscrew the upper lifting cap, lift the upper cover, and turn it over to a certain angle.


Then we need to check the O seal ring and the O slot of the single bag filter. If the filter bag is used to replace the filter bag, it is necessary to fold the seam side of the filter bag and put it into the filter bag, which can improve the filtering effect of the seam filter bag.http://www.inocofiltration.com/