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Unique design of a coalescing gas filter housing

Jul 13, 2018

The manufacturer has designed and manufactured a full line of threaded, condensed compressed air filters to meet the needs of the compressed air and gas industries. The gas filter housing  range is suitable for almost all industrial environments and meets the current growing market demand.


This gas filter housing  uses a “push-in” filter cartridge that allows the user to reduce maintenance time while installing the filter in the most space-constrained area. All filters come standard with a differential pressure indicator, without a connecting screw, for easy removal with minimal space.


The gas filter housing  has through holes for direct connection or bracket mounting of several filters, different filter grades and a wide range of interface sizes to meet specific requirements. In addition, the gas filter housing  uses a low air flow rate design to prevent oil entrainment and adequate drainage.


The inside and outside of the gas filter housing  are protected against corrosion by a durable polyester coating to prevent paint flaking and fouling. The discharge valve has a manual function. When the filter is disassembled, it is easy to relieve pressure or drain, providing sufficient space for oil condensation.