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What are the functional advantages of gravity self cleaning filters?

Nov 29, 2018

Gravity self cleaning filter is a new generation of self cleaning filter, which reaches the advanced technology level; it can self-operate and self-clean with liquid pressure, and continuous on-line filtration in a single machine, no need to manually replace the cleaning filter element, no filter consumables, widely applicable to self-cleaning filtration of water treatment, various oils, acid and alkali, polymers, paints and other viscous materials; its efficiency is higher, performance is more stable and reliable.


Gravity self cleaning filter overcomes many shortcomings such as low dirt absorption, easy fouling and clogging, need to be disassembled and cleaned in the filtering part and unable to monitor the filter state, and has the function of filtering the raw water and automatically cleaning the filter element. The function, and the system provides uninterrupted water supply when cleaning the sewage, can monitor the working state of the filter, and the degree of automation is very high.


The gravity of the gravity self cleaning filter is 100 micron, and can be selected from 100 to 3000 micrometers. The filter area is large and the amount of dirt is high. The user can customize according to the actual working conditions. The cleaning method is simple, and the cleaning cycle electronic monitoring can realize automatic cleaning and sewage disposal. It can effectively cover the motor with motor overload maintenance.https://www.inocofiltration.com/