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what is the DOP tank type high efficiency filter and product features

Oct 09, 2019

The DOP liquid trough high efficiency filter and the DOP high efficiency filter or the liquid trough high efficiency filter are all in the same way as the non-segmented high efficiency filter. The ultra fine glass fiber is used as the filter medium, and the spacing line is the high quality imported hot melt. The sealant is polyurethane, and the outer frame is an aluminum profile whose surface is anodized; the thickness is 90, 110, 120 and the like.


Features with DOP liquid trough high efficiency filter:

1. Liquid trough type non-segmented high-efficiency filter shape, good sealing performance, convenient installation, light weight, thin thickness and high filtration efficiency.

2. The product has the characteristics of large filtering area, long tolerance and low tolerance.

3. In-foil injection tank sealant, this adhesive is a permanent adhesive, usually used in conjunction with the tool holder.

Applicable places: Widely used in high-demand clean rooms, large-area vertical laminar flow, 100-level laminar flow hood and HEPA high-efficiency filter installation.

The liquid tank sealant used in the DOP liquid tank type high efficiency filter has the characteristics of non-volatile, non-oil climbing, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good stability at normal temperature.

The tank seal is a method of sealing conventional mechanical compression devices commonly used in the country.

The liquid tank sealing high-efficiency filter is easy to install and the seal is very reliable. It is a high-efficiency filter sealing method commonly used in the world.

Advantages: high sealing and good trapping.