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What is the important part of the self-cleaning filter

Jun 01, 2019

Installation is a very important part of the self-cleaning filter. The correct installation not only facilitates the filtration of liquid, but also reduces the filtration failure and extends the service life of the filter. If the installation is unreasonable, it will bring The opposite effect.


When installing the self-cleaning filter, place the equipment on the station to be filtered, connect the inlet and outlet flanges or the tube teeth, and fix it; stuff the exhaust port or configure the exhaust valve, and connect the insulated heat source with the jacket type. Gently place the metal inner mesh into the bag filter to match the inner mesh neckline to the bag filter.


This is followed by a filter bag placed in the self-cleaning filter to match the neck of the filter bag to the neckline of the metal mesh. Note: If you are using a sewn filter bag, fold the sewn edge of the filter bag and insert it to improve the filtering effect of the sewn filter bag. Put the O-ring into the O-slot, the O-ring should not be twisted or deformed, and the filter bag pressure ring should be fastened from the cleaning filter.


Then hold the handle of the upper cover with one hand, grasp the other end of the upper cover with one hand, align the upper cover with the stainless steel multi-self-cleaning filter port, slowly put it down, and naturally press it on the O-ring and the filter bag ring. It can be seen that the self-cleaning filter adopts an integral pressing method, that is, the filter bag is compacted while the lid is closed, and the filter bag can be taken out by opening the lid.www.inocofiltration.com