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What should you pay attention to when using the filter separator

Aug 11, 2018

The filter separator is a very common setting in some large filtration systems. With its unique structure, the filter separator can better complete the filtration separation. Of course, after the filter separator is installed, you need to master some necessary skills to make it work continuously and reliably for a long time.


When the filter separator is used normally, it should first be deflated in time. Especially for the filter with the manual vent valve installed, manual deflation should be carried out during each operation to avoid the excessive accumulation of gas in the housing. The filter works properly.


At the same time, after the filter separator is refueled, it should be precipitated, and the water in the sediment is normal. If solid impurities are found during precipitation, the cause should be identified and treatment should be taken in a timely manner. And to maintain the recording pressure and fuel throughput, in order to determine whether the filter separator is working properly. If the pressure difference suddenly drops, stop using it immediately, and open the cover in time to find out the cause.


Checking the replacement filter element is also a concern when using the filter separator in normal use, but this requires the user to master the replacement criteria of the filter element to ensure that the device can achieve the desired filtration separation effect.http://www.inocofiltration.com/