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Why can't sub-efficient air filter be used in high clean room

Oct 20, 2019

There is a view that the Class 100,000 clean room can replace the “sub-high efficiency” filter (filtering efficiency of ≥0.5 μm particles ≥95%) as the end filter because the sub-efficient power unit is cheap and the resistance is small. The following is a description of why the sub-high efficiency air filter can not be used in high clean rooms by the North filter:


As far as the price of the filter is concerned, the sub-high efficiency filter of the same size on the market is currently a high-efficiency filter, which is 70%~90%. The sub-high efficiency filter is not cheaper than the high-efficiency filter. When replacing the sub-high efficiency filter The number of air changes in the clean room should be significantly increased. Incremental, the air conditioning system should be large, the number of air supply ports (and the number of filters) should be increased, and the increase in investment caused by conversion is far greater than the difference between high efficiency and sub-high efficiency filters.

In terms of terms, the sub-high efficiency filter is indeed smaller than the high efficiency filter. However, the initial size of the clean room end filter is not that important, because no matter what the filter, the size is set at 500~600pa. The design length of the filter is very long. It is considered by the designer that the filter is close to the ultimate space-time ventilation system, and the difference is not important.

In the production process, the high-efficiency filter is tested one by one, while the sub-high efficiency filter is only subjected to a small amount of sampling. The appearance may be different, but the quality is clearly different.