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Why use a filter with a large filter area

Oct 28, 2019

The area through which the gas stream actually passes through the filter material is referred to as the "effective filtration area." In addition to a small number of low-efficiency air filters, the effective filtration area is often several times, dozens of times, and sometimes one hundred times the windward side of the filter. The following is a description of why the filter is large in the north filter.


Most of the captured dust is concentrated on the windward side of the filter material. The effective filter area in the air filter is large, it can contain a lot of dust, and the filter has a long service life. The effective area is large, the wind speed per unit area is low, and the resistance of the filter is small. The effective filtration area is the most significant means for prolonging the service life of the filter. Experience has shown that for filters of the same structure and the same filter material, when the final resistance is determined: the filter material area is increased by 50%, the filter service life is extended by 70% to 80%; the filter life is doubled. It is about 3 times the original.

Of course, the possibility of increasing the effective filtration area is considered based on the specific structure of the filter and the site conditions. For example, the bag filter can increase the number of filter bags and the length of the filter bag; for the traditional separator filter, you can discuss with the manufacturer to reduce the spacing of the separator to increase the number of pleats of the filter paper; for the project in the design, you can choose An air filter that can accommodate a large amount of filter material.