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Automatic Backwash Filter

To overcome the traditional filter products, a small amount of pollutants, vulnerable to dirt clogging, the filter part of the need to disassemble and clean and unable to monitor the status of the filter and many other shortcomings, with raw water to filter and automatically filter the automatic cleaning and sewage functions, and cleaning sewage When the system uninterrupted water supply, you can monitor the working status of the filter, a high degree of automation. Covering the various filtration requirements from 10um to 3000um, we provide our customers with a wide range of water filtration equipment.

Backwash filter, run and control without any external energy can automatically clean the filter, automatic sewage. Continuous flow during backwashing, cleaning and filtration cycle can be adjusted, cleaning and filtration time default is 10-60 / s, cleaning and filtration of water loss accounted for only 0.08-0.6% of the filtered water; filtration accuracy of up to 10-3000 microns; working pressure up to 1.0-1.6Mpa; single flow: 4-4160m & ↓; / h.

Backwash filter can be vertical, horizontal, inverted anywhere installed in any direction can be used for industrial, agricultural, municipal power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper and other industries water filtration.

Automatic backwash filter can be used for industrial water, sea water, food and pharmaceutical and other light chemical industrial wastewater, circulating water filtration, as well as emulsion regeneration, waste oil, liquid feedstock and other filtration processing. In metallurgical industry and petrochemical industry and power plant water supply and drainage and recirculation water systems and related to the liquid medium filtration process, the application of automatic backwash filter is also increasingly widespread, China's modern metallurgical enterprises to introduce continuous casting water system, blast furnace water system, Hot-rolled high-pressure water descaling systems, emulsion systems and closed water circulation systems, liquid medium filtration systems are extensive use of automatic backwash filter.