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Backwash Filter Cleaning Features

Nov 21, 2017

a. Automatic recoil sewage filter using multiple filter, effective filtration area, pressure loss. Design filter area for the import and export area of 3 to 5 times.

b. Automatic recoil sewage filter repair, easy maintenance: set maintenance manhole, easy loading and unloading filter cartridge, backwash filter

c. Automatic recoil sewage filter using multiple filter cartridge filter cartridge cleaning structure, uninterrupted water supply when cleaning.

d. Automatic recoil sewage filter program control: according to the actual situation of the user needs to set the system parameters.

e. backwash filter Advanced control system: the control system of high accuracy, and according to different water quality to adjust their mode of operation and operating conditions to improve its ability to adapt to water.

f. Backwash filter convenient control: pressure / time control or separate control, according to the actual conditions and needs of any choice, automatic operation; set manual / automatic transfer switch, the control mode can be preset, and Can achieve electrical interlocking,

g. Backwash filter with local control, if necessary, remote control switch can be set to achieve local operation and remote control operation.

h. Backwash filter left running status output, fault alarm output and other functions to ensure that equipment used in the safe and reliable conditions of automatic recoil sewage filter function

Backwash filter filter ability, large flow: large-scale use of coal mines in the "flow through" filter, due to structural restrictions, the maximum flow can only reach 380L / min, the filter up to 800L / min or more Big. Full automatic filter, filter, full integrated water processor, electronic descaling filter Backwash filter High filtration precision: backwash filter with two or more groups of filters, the flow area, the original pressure loss is small, can Achieve high-flow, high-precision filtration (25 m, 40 m), the traditional filter is very difficult to achieve. Backwash filter to quantify the degree of pollution: The filter at the inflow end of the Pi port, outflow Po port can be equipped with pressure gauge K1, K2, P = K1-K2 the size of the pressure, the quantitative reaction of the filter is contaminated The degree of easy to clean at any time, the traditional filter is no secondary function.