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Bag Filter

Nov 21, 2017

Bag filter is a pressure filtration device, the main filter cartridge, filter cartridge cover and quick-opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag to strengthen the network and other major components, the filtrate from the filter housing side of the inlet pipe into the filter bag, The filter bag itself is a device to strengthen the basket, the liquid penetration of the required degree of fineness of the filter bag that is eligible to obtain filtrate, impurity particles are blocked by the filter bag. The machine is very easy to replace the filter bag, the basic filter material consumption.

Bag filter with reasonable structure, good sealing, circulation can be strong, easy operation and many other advantages. In particular, small side leakage rate of the filter bag can accurately guarantee the filtration accuracy, and can quickly change the filter bag, making the operating costs down. Internal and external surface of the filter to adopt mechanical sandblasting polishing solution, on average, easy to clean. We know that the filter bag filter is taken out of the lateral approach, but also can take the approach into the bottom of the pipeline through the pressure of the liquid media filter into or pumped into the bag filter body The liquid medium to be filtered is electroplated and punched to support filtration of the filtering bag supported by the blue filter, and the changed solid and liquid respectively reach the result of filtration of the liquid medium.