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Filter Separator

The filter separator is made up of a metal shell with a primary filter element (filter coalescing filter element) and a secondary filter element (separate filter element), together with a drain valve, a drain valve, a pressure gauge, a safety valve and a heat tracing device Other accessories. Points A, B, C three. Breaking the traditional single filter of the original filter mode, is a set of filtration and dehydration in one, not only can filter out all kinds of tiny particles in the fuel, but also effectively filter the fuel in the water, fiber and suspended solids, is a The ideal oil purification equipment, but also for all kinds of fine chemicals to be purified raw materials.

working principle

Jet fuel into the filter separator, the first pool of aluminum tray, and then dispersed into the coalescing filter from the inside out, the first step by the filter to filter out solid impurities, the second step through the demulsification layer, the emulsion of oil and water Separation, the third step by the coalescence layer will be tiny droplets of water droplets coalescence, settling in the sump; then the coalescence of small droplets in the future by separation of the filter element further water separation, settling in the sedimentation tank by Drain valve discharge. Clean fuel is collected in the secondary tray through the separation filter and discharged from the outlet of the filter separator.