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Static Mixer

Static mixer is an advanced mixer developed in the early 1970s. In the year 1995, the United States Kenneth Company launched its first static mixer. Since the 20th century, 80 domestic enterprises have also invested in research and development. Among them, Emulsion fuel production has also been very good application.

Since the 1970s, static mixers have started to be applied in the chemical industry, food industry, textile and light industry and achieved good results. But static mixer as a kind of special

Lee products, domestic and foreign are not only confidential this structure, but also made a one-time non-removable structure. At the same time, the viscosity of the curing agent and epoxy resin vary greatly (the viscosity of the epoxy resin is 20 to 80 times the viscosity of the curing agent) and the flow rate of the two fluids in the pipeline is very low, making it difficult to mix them uniformly.

Static mixer is a kind of advanced unit equipment, and agitator is different, it has no moving parts inside, the main use of fluid flow and the internal unit to achieve a variety of fluid mixing and structural special design rationality. Compared with other equipment such as orifice plate, venturi, stirrer and homogenizer, the static mixer has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, small volume, investment saving and easy continuous production. Static mixer, the fluid movement follows the "split - shift - overlap" rule, the mixing process plays a major role in the shift. The shifting method can be divided into two categories: "relative displacement caused by the same cross-sectional flow velocity distribution and" multi-channel relative displacement ", and the shift modes of different model mixers are also different.Hitertix HICHINE static mixer not only It can be applied to mixing process and can be applied in the process related to mixing and delivery, including gas / gas mixing, liquid / liquid extraction, gas / liquid reaction, heat transfer enhancement and liquid / liquid reaction etc. Static mixer is widely used Plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and metallurgy, food, cosmetic, pesticide, cable, petroleum, papermaking, chemical fiber, biology and environmental protection etc. Thanks to its low energy consumption, Has brought considerable economic benefits.